Upon reflection I realized that the thing that drives me and that I want to be known most for is inspiration. To inspire others is probably one of the most noble and lasting things that a person can do. How do you inspire others How do you make a real difference in this world? What is a leader? Where does leadership come from? These are all questions that I have been wrestling with as I take on my position as ET. I have all these ideas that would affect education at our school in a grand way. How do I achieve buy in? How do I transfer these ideas to the rest of my faculty? I have all these questions and the more questions that I get answered the more questions arise.

I think that the only way to get my ideas across in a meaningful and effective way is to show how passionate I am about them and to link them through my passions. This will create an atmosphere where people want to learn and reflect the very practices that I present. Inspire by doing.

Just as a water droplet falls into a pond and causes a ripple that affects millions of molecules. I will be the catalyst that will send a ripple across the school and district and perhaps the world of education. Exercising my passions and designing lessons that enhance the learning process will water the garden of minds that is education, the world of education will change.
Ripple it



Compass Points: 

Screen Shot 2013-07-17 at 3.38.53 PME: Excitements What excites you about bringing your new skill sets and mindsets back to your community of practice?

W: Worries What worries you about this? 

N: Needs What do you need to successfully implement your ideas in your community of practice? What do you need to know? What support or resources do you need?

S: Steps  What steps will you take to successfully bring these ideas back to your community of practice?

Excitements: I feel as though I have learned many new concepts here at MAET all of which can be used and implemented at my school in Okinawa. Just a few include: Makers Movement, TPACK, PLN’s, SIG’s, All the new Tech Tools, Learning Portfolios, Tablet Learning, Gaming and learning, Incorporating curriculum coordinators in order to solve wicked problems. All of these are great and new ideas that could radically change the atmosphere of learning at my school.

Worries: Where to begin? In all of these new concepts where do you start to make the most different in the life’s of students? What to focus on? There are so many initiatives that to do them all would be folly. Which one is the most important? How to develop buy in? How do I impress upon the successful teachers that I work with how important it is to have these in their classroom and change the way they have been teaching for the last 30 years?

Needs: In order to successfully implement my ideas I will need to achieve buy in, produce successful projects, and provide support to develop teacher led initiatives.  I still need to know the most effective way to deliver my ideas so they don’t come across as threatening and disruptive to the current learning. Support from teachers is paramount. Teachers wanting to receive training, teachers wanting to work on technology initiatives.

Steps: First in order to bring the ideas into my learning community I will develop a trailer that will gain interest in the idea that I am trying to support. Next, I will provide a way to connect and develop relationships and connections that will support the initiative. Finally, I will provide PD that covers over all of the concepts that will encompass my learning objectives.


Postcard Makers

Postcard Makers

Sometimes in the push to get everything done in our schools we don’t have time to invent and to experiment. So much learning and problem solving happens when you start to troubleshoot and problem solve. Often times the most creative and interesting ideas happen when you start to make. I would really like it if we could have a space in our school where we could just create and invent things. I really like the idea of having a Collaboratory where students can come in and make interesting things. I definitely do not want to forget about this concept in Year 1.

Maker Journal “The App”

I have really made about three apps already trying to find the one that best suits my needs. I have tried a few different ones and all of them have there interesting nuances but I have onely found one that will fufill almost everything I needed it to do and even a little more. The app makers I have tried include mobilecp.conduit, mippin, shoutem, and appsbar. All of these apps were lacking in one way or another and some were just ugly. Mippin was interesting so I started to create the app and put in all the information only to find out that it cost $99 just to publish it! Back to the drawing board.

UDL top 5

Principle 1 provide multiple means of representation

1 Provide ways for all learners to perceive the information visually.

2. Provide ways for all learners to perceive with sound.

3 whenever possible provide customized display options.

4. provide options for language. Use multiple modalities graphs visual amathematical earl expressions to increase understanding.

5. Provide options for comprehension. Activate background knowledge. Show patterns and formulate big ideas.

principal 2 provide multiple means of engagement.

1.whenever possible provide student the ability to choose

2.make learning authentic

3. minimize distractions

4. Vary demands of the learner to make it challenging

5.develop self assessment and reflection

What is Universal Design for Learning?

integrated, differentiated, dynamic

What does it look like?

Is it possible?

Universal Design for Learning is telling a elephant that he is an chipmunk and putting him in a box full of pins

3-2-1 Day 2

integrated, differentiated, technology-enhanced

what does it look like?

Is it possible?

Universal Design for Learning is a conductor directing a orchestra of zoo animals all playing Beethoven with different instruments assisted by technology.

Bridge: I use to think that UDL was about putting everyone into one category and having an expert design an lesson, now I see that it is about designing a lesson that will accommodate all learners both options still seem vague and utopian.

Makers Film Fleagh

We had a film fest this morning showing the creativity of the class and making something from scratch.

First up was Robert Breedlove and his Raspberry Pi. Unfortunately, he was not able to start up the Pi. He had a lot of issues starting it up. After a few times of failure he was unable to see anything. He would like to incorporate a makers center in his classroom where kids can explore.

Allison was up next, she had trouble using the makey makey. She said that she was overwhelmed. She used them to turn pages in a kids story book. She learned during the whole process as well.

Next up was Kayla, she did a lot of research before hand and then explored in her kit. She found it difficult to incorporate into her classroom. She was inspired to create a paper lantern. She saw it as a growing process very “outside the box”.

Then Marcie was up, she started by showing the Raspberry pi and telling what exactly she accomplished. She was having problems formatting the SD card so she went online to a wiki. She was able to help others but her sd card still didn’t work. She saw the project as reinforcing her current constructivist theories and planned on incorporating it more into her classroom.

Mary was the next contestant. She used little bits to create a device to let the teacher know that they needed attention without interrupting the classroom. She learned about the maker movement and the kits. She plans to incorporate it in the elementary environment She like the idea of a ColLaboratory. She found the PLN concept interesting and found it invaluable in creating her device.

Next was Barbara, she used the makey makey to create a buzzer for her classroom.  She found the process tedious but she finally did found a code that would actually work.

Next was Katie, Katie did her project on soundcloud and she wanted to make a soundtrack on the Great Gatsby. She wanted to incorporate music into writing. She thought that it connected the learning and music and envisioned students talking and conversing about the novels.

Abby was suppose to create from the little bits. She stepped away from the maker kits and she wanted to create something for the kids to become independent inquirers. She ended up trying to make a robot to have the eyes light up using squishy circuits. She wanted her kids to create new robots using the playdough. How creative! She started the project frustrated and uninspired but ended with an appreciation for the process.

Next was Phil, I liked how he began his movie. Reflecting in mine craft his problem solving. He was putting the tool ahead of the problem. He wanted the kids to make a presentation that they can share.

Next was Dan, Dan used little bits he talked about re proposing using “or gates”. He talking about using the maker kits and trying to wrap it around the pedagogy and it should be the other way around. He created a bottle which was used to store and record brine shrimp.

Next was American Dan, It looked as though he was going to build a robot snitch. He used a 3d model printer to create the wings and the ball.

Doug followed, he used squishy circuits. He created a kermit the frog mascot to create a sense of community in the classroom. He also have trouble coming up with something to create until he found inspiration from a music group.

I was really looking forward to Tom’s video because he was so musical. Tom’s reflections talked bout his limitations with makey makey and garage band. He used soundplant to arrange his sounds. Then he used conductive paint unfortunately he painted over two paths so the paint didn’t work so well. He ended up making tin foil ninjas and creating a song using them.

Finally was Tasha, she used little bits she wanted to create a student indicator system. She created a cardboard box that buzzed and the light lit up.

Maker “The App”

Today I finished up the maker project. In reflection I see that I tried many different apps. Every app that I tried had something unique that made it stand apart from the other apps. I had no idea what I was getting into when I started this project. Whether I had to create from scratch or create it from a web-based program. All I knew is what I wanted. I wanted an app that could provide for push notifications in case there was emergency at school. I wanted an app to provide contact information about the school. Th app also needed to have announcements for the school. Finally the App needed to have a calendar for events. I tried many apps. I tried conduit but it was ugly. I tried shoutem but I didn’t have everything that I needed. I tried Mippin and I actually liked it.  I like it so much in fact that I started creating an app using it. I was almost finish with the app and I wanted to look at it so I tried to publish it. And I found out that it costs $99 just to publish. Well I couldn’t afford that! I quickly closed out and continued on my search for a better app. My journey led me to app called the apps builder it is a website where you can create all kinds of different apps. I selected the education app. I found out that not only can you create an app for your school, but you can also create an app for your classroom. I thought that this would be wonderful to use in the flip classroom experience. Upon reflection, I now think that you could probably have your kids created pretty easy and excellent projects. I started making the app and I wanted to publish it right away. So I quickly went through and published it only to find out that it didn’t even go into the App Store!  All it did was give me a link. I thought to myself, why what I want to link? Then I realized not only did it still act like an app but that it would probably be better for DoDEA and security if you just have a link anyway. That way you could just give the web address to the parents and they could sign up for the app and no one else would have access to it. The only unfortunate thing is that I could not do push notifications. But I figured that was just a bonus anyway. Now to make a video… The process of making the video was fun. I just wish I had  a better camera and better microphone. I turned in my first video and then after watching what everyone else turned in I did some edits and now this is what I came up with.

Google and the world mind

I really enjoy the idea of this concept. One central place where you can get the sum of all human knowledge stored for all tIme. The only problem with a corporation being in charge is that it would be for sell. The movie google and the world mind was a good movie  I brought forward many issues that I was unaware of.

SIG reflection

I feel like I contributed a lot to this project in each of the phases of production. In the brainstorming process. I came up with the idea to have the Ipad be the main part in the center of the poster with Apps being our main points of our findings with the information being on the outside of the tablet. I was also spearheaded the design of the poster from the colors used to the graphs and layout of the poster. Next, in the approach to researching I wanted to find data that backs up all of our findings for the promotional use of Ipads in the classroom. I started by using google to look for the information and then decided to use google scholar to find more peer reviewed articles and such. I think used picktochart and Photoshop to create the actual poster staying up till midnight tweaking the poster and then my computer died and I lost everything (didn’t save the entire time). Then I had to recreate everything so I ended up staying up till 4am completing the poster. The abstract I contributed my ideas via google doc and then the rest of the team consolidated it with their ideas into a more eloquent abstract. Finally, our group collaboratively planned on how we would discuss and present the different aspects of our poster.

I work best when in an environment where the distractions are minimal. I am good at the planning of the creation of the product at the end and finding information that is relative to my part of the project. I learned that I need to save more often. I am not good when it comes to managing my time. I feel I could have been done much earlier if I would have started earlier on the project and got the information to make the poster earlier.

It is a collaborative process and my voice has much more power when there are others that support the same idea. I feel I am already applying it by creating and maintaining a technology committee at our school. I would like to see our school create these SIG groups as well so that they could create and incorporate there own professional expertise as well.

My only criticism would be less text more graphics. Posters by nature are graphical reflection of ideas meant to show ideas in an attractive and informative way. Our group had so much information that they wanted on the poster it was difficult to create a poster that was informative, practical, and attractive. I loved the infographic project and I would love to see all the information in infographic form. Yea for new ideas. Novel, infographics are becoming a meme with new infographics being made everyday. Effective data and attractive presentation of the findings would create a whole new dimension to this project (I have the information , now how do I create a visual that reflects my findings?) and whole, creating an infographic brings the attractive element that all posters should have with the information and findings that are needed for the project and it is better to have charts and data for policy making which is the backbone of what this project encompasses.